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About Us


Anko Otomotiv Sanayi ve Tic Ltd. Sti. was established in 2000 for the production of agricultural and automotive industry spare parts that need by the market. It has made progress in the production of spare parts for agricultural machinery with its developing and increasing machinery park until today and its staff. It has become the preferred, reliable company by producing transmission products that can compete worldwide.

In addition to production in the domestic market, our company has become one of the companies that are searched in international competition by getting into world markets.

In addition to our current production, we attach importance to customer satisfaction with our optional special production.

When you send us the technical drawings, we deliver to you, our customers, the product in the quality you want as finished product with machining, on time by conducting necessary R&D research.

We export our products to the abroad especially to European countries with our slogan "from Konya to the WORLD".

We, ANKO Otomotiv meet the needs of the domestic market by producing agricultural transmission products demanded by the sector with quality, ergonomic and economic way by following the current technological developments and also contribute to the foreign trade of our country in the foreign market.

With our years of experience and confidence, with our new brand ANKO, we are trying to be an indispensable stakeholder in the production with the idea that the drawings are turned into products. We continue to grow.

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